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Fall 2017 Semester begins Wednesday, September 6th.


Nehemiah (for Women only)   registrationbutton

Instructors: Beth McClain
Location: Choir Room

Beth McClain Web 6 16

"Nehemiah's heart was broken for the land and for the people of Jerusalem.  He followed God’s call to leave the comfort of his Persian palace to go and lead the people and restore the broken wall’s. This 10-week study will give us an in-depth look into the book of Nehemiah as we walk through the scriptures and apply these truths to our own lives today.”



Doctrine of the Church   registrationbutton

Instructors: Brandon Shafer, Brett Middleton
Location: W-109

Brandon Shafer Web 6 16 Brett Middleton

"This class is the study of the church from a biblical standpoint. But it’s not just a class aimed at promoting mere intellectual knowledge of the church; it’s designed to help us cherish the local church by understanding how the gospel is made visible through the local church. This class will help us see what the church is, why it matters to God, and what it looks like for Christians to be united in fellowship through the church."



Discipleship (Part 1)    registrationbutton

Instructor: Rob Hunt, Craig McClain
Location: W-201

Rob Hunt Craig McClain

"A course on obedience based discipleship, walking through the various aspects of what it looks like to love God, love people, and make disciples."



Theology of Recovering the Image of God   registrationbutton

Instructors: Chris Gibson, Kim Swyden
Location: W-104

Chris Gibson New Kim Swyden

“The Bible says that we were created in the image of God (Gen 1:27). If this is so, why do so many of us struggle? This ten-week study of recovering the image of God will look at principles that will help individuals who are concerned for a loved one, interested in education, or need support. The course goal is to introduce recovery concepts in the bible, theology, trauma and attachment, physiology, and ministry to the spirit, soul, and body.”



Revelation    registrationbutton

Instructors: Kevin Nicolin, Joe Williams, Mark Wood
Location: Worship Center

Kevin Nicolin joe williams mark wood

"One of this Fall’s HTI classes will be a study of the book of Revelation.  We’ll study the entire book, with the exception of Chapters 2 & 3, which are the letters to the churches and are the most taught chapters in the book.  This will be a fast-paced study as we’ll be covering two chapters each meeting.  The class will be taught by Kevin Nicolin, Joe Williams, and Mark Wood, three of our elders.  Revelation is one of the ‘bookends’ of the Bible.  As important as Genesis is to understanding God and his eternal plan, so is Revelation to understanding God and how his plan will conclude.  It’s an amazing book, where God’s power is on display in ways unique to the rest of Scripture.  Hope to see you there starting September 6th."



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