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Our goal through the Hillside Kids blog is to serve, equip, encourage, and guide parents as they disciple their children to love God, love people, and make disciples. This blog will help keep you up to date and provide resources to go deeper with your children in what they are learning through our gospel-centered weekend and Wednesday services.

Addicted to Love

God doesn’t command that we have a regular time with Him each day, He simply tells us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. It is little wonder that Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God first and foremost with all our hearts. He longs for authentic relationship with his bride, not a mere religious obligation or empty ritual. Authentic love pours out from us onto others from a place of overflow and the only way to be filled with this love is to be addicted to and in relationship with it. The best thing you can do for your child to teach them about God’s love is to put your walk with Him first, to truly be passionately in love with and addicted to Jesus.

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As A Family... Developing Your Family Mission Statment

We all measure ourselves against something.  Some of us measure ourselves against others; others of us measure ourselves against the scales and some against our own accomplishments.  As families, we measure ourselves against other families, what they are doing, how they are doing it or how well they are doing it.  Several years ago we were in the middle of a season of “keeping up with the Jones’” and felt like the Lord led us to a place of finding a better measuring stick.  We needed something that we, as a family, could set before us when making hard decisions, when walking through new territory and to define who we wanted to be. 

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{Christ}mas Traditions

When I say the word Christmas, what are some memories that pop in your head? Probably your own family traditions, right?  Traditions can be silly, fun, weird, sentimental, but they are always memorable. As a parent of four young children, I desired to make Christmas more than just writing out our wish lists and waiting to see if we got what we wanted on Christmas morning. Whatever the age of your children, my challenge to us as a parents is to take this special, most wonderful time of the year to focus on the greatest gift we could receive- salvation given to us through Jesus Christ. Below are some fun ways to keep Christ the focus of our Christmas traditions from some of our own Hillside Kid moms, volunteers, and staff.

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

How many of you have heard that saying through the years?  Most of the time it is directed at your little brother or the bully on the playground but what if I told you that, as parents, it should often be directed at us.  Lies are a tricky topic, this past Wednesday in G2 we showed the kids just how easily we can be tricked into not even questioning a lie. Most of us don’t set out to lie to our children but so much of what we have been taught or what we believe is best for them turns out to be half truths or lies that we have believed.   

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As Christmas Comes Once More: Kids Serving Opportunity

"Yet in thy dark streets shineth The everlasting light; The hopes and fears of all the years Are met in thee to-night. Where charity stands watching And faith holds wide the door, The dark night wakes, the glory breaks, And Christmas comes once more.  O holy Child of Bethlehem, Descend to us, we pray; Cast out our sin, and enter in, Be born in us to-day." As Christmas comes once more we are reminded of and can celebrate the miracle of Christmas and spread this news to others who do not yet know Jesus, which is why I can't wait for Community Christmas happening right here in Edmond through HHBC. How can your kids serve and participate? How can your family serve and participate? Read more to find out! 

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Identity Under Attack

The world says search and find out who you are, but God says discover who I've created you to be in Christ Jesus. Children are at such a sensitive age developmentally, trying to figure out who they are, so naturally, Satan goes after this fragile, yet pivotal time in their life in an attempt to assault their identity. Satan knows that if he can control who you perceive yourself to be, he can have more control in how you live. “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10) Even in the Bible, in Matthew 4, Satan says to Jesus, “If you are the son of God…” trying to get Jesus to doubt who he is. I can’t stress the importance of praying for, instilling, and reminding your kids every day the truth of what God’s word says about them. Don’t let Satan’s “if” be more consistent in their mind than the truth.

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One Night

One night to share the love of Christ and His message of salvation. One night that could have an eternal impact. Is Jesus, with his commands and promises, more valuable to us than tradition, convenience, and earthly comfort? Is He our treasure or is the world? That question is answered hour by hour every day, by whether we are propelled by the gospel or by comfort. Are we willing to inconvenience ourselves for others?



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Love. Live. Lead

Your kids will probably always remember this month when they grow up, but what if their memory is of more than their costume, but of you as a family intentionally loving, praying for, and blessing others? Let’s jump into this next month like a pile of leaves and fix our focus on Jesus while we live sent out in His love! Don’t miss out on any opportunity to point things back to Christ, from the pumpkins He created, to the candy we use to bless others.



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