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Henderson Hills Baptist Church Student Ministry exists to bring glory to God by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our students and by leading them to walk in Christ-centered community. We seek to partner with parents as we serve, love, and teach our students to cherish the local church while pursuing personal holiness. 

Our desire is for this blog to serve in partnership with our ministry; to aid in walking alongside our students as they go deeper into the lessons they learn on Wednesdays and Sundays, and to answer any remaining questions. We hope this blog will be two-fold in serving our students. First, that it will guide in preparing hearts and minds for the times we are gathered as the church and, second, that it will serve in fueling us during the times we are spread throughout our schools and communities.

Preparing for Chi Alpha/Refuge - 9.13.17

Reflecting on the divine source of all wisdom and understanding through creation will draw us to the Creator and sweeten the plate of God’s commands, causing us to praise the Lord’s sovereignty overall.

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A Herd of Sheep and a Pack of Wolves Face Off

Make no mistake, it’s still hard. Especially if the person rejecting the gospel is a friend or a family member. But we can find rest in the knowledge that our Savior is so much bigger than us. He is constantly working, moving in the hearts of people for His glory. Our job is to continue sharing.

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Preparing for Chi Alpha/Refuge - 5.3.17

Many hear the word “mission” and believe it is for a select few who are called to be ministers or missionaries. However, through the Scriptures we see that all believers are called to the work of the ministry, and are fully equipped to do so.


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'13 Reasons Why': A PSA

Parents and students alike, please be aware of what stories are being told, and even embellished. See through the glitz and glamour of what is trendy now and see the dangerous message of 13 Reasons Why. We recommend you to not watch this show, and if you choose to watch, please proceed with caution.

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