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Henderson Hills Baptist Church Student Ministry exists to bring glory to God by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our students and by leading them to walk in Christ-centered community. We seek to partner with parents as we serve, love, and teach our students to cherish the local church while pursuing personal holiness. 

Our desire is for this blog to serve in partnership with our ministry; to aid in walking alongside our students as they go deeper into the lessons they learn on Wednesdays and Sundays, and to answer any remaining questions. We hope this blog will be two-fold in serving our students. First, that it will guide in preparing hearts and minds for the times we are gathered as the church and, second, that it will serve in fueling us during the times we are spread throughout our schools and communities.

Preparing for Chi Alpha/Refuge - 1.25.17

The falling action pushes forward as we establish the root of God’s final and coming redemption. Here we will shift from the rules of the former covenant to the root of the final covenant.

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Responding Faithfully

It always amazes me how a day that should have been just a normal day becomes one that will forever be remembered.

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Preparing for Chi Alpha/Refuge - 1.11.17

We have finally reached the climax of the whole story. Here is where we see the rising action come to a head as the promised deliverance in Genesis 3 is finally fulfilled in the ultimate, atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross and His resurrection from the dead – defeating death.

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The Story: Created for More

We long for more than what we consider the mundanity of common life. We long for more because we were created for more. We love epic narratives because we were created for one.

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Preparing for Chi Alpha/Refuge - 1.4.17

Here we will watch as the story shows the accumulation of all the promises and prophecies finally and completely fulfilled in the advent of Christ. From the commencement of the promise in Genesis 3 through the foreshadowing of the messanger in Malachi, we see the thread of deliverance leading up to one man, one Savior. Here we herald the fulfillment of the promises and the Messiah in the dawning of Christ's ministry in Luke 3.

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Offering Our Changing Hearts to an Unchanging God

Our changing hearts are the hope of our sanctification. How can we grow to be more like Christ if we never change? This is the good news of our sanctification, just as God’s immutability is the good news of our salvation.

The gospel that once had the power to save you is the same gospel that still has the power to keep you. 

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Preparing for Chi Alpha/Refuge - 12.7.16

Here we reach the conclusion of the rising action of the story and the end of part one. The message of hope offered in our story this week is the final act before the fulfillment of the promise given back in the beginning.

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A Letter from John Williams

This was not an easy decision and I want you to know that we did not make it lightly. It is only after relentless praying and seeking the Lord's will that we have come to the decision to move our family across the country.  

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LIVE SENT - The Acronym

Many of you who attended the "Living Sent" breakout at United 2016 have asked for the acronym that Stephanie Egert and Jen Sise reference during their time. Below is the written out acronym meaning and Scriptural references that go with each.

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