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Henderson Hills Baptist Church Student Ministry exists to bring glory to God by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our students and by leading them to walk in Christ-centered community. We seek to partner with parents as we serve, love, and teach our students to cherish the local church while pursuing personal holiness. 

Our desire is for this blog to serve in partnership with our ministry; to aid in walking alongside our students as they go deeper into the lessons they learn on Wednesdays and Sundays, and to answer any remaining questions. We hope this blog will be two-fold in serving our students. First, that it will guide in preparing hearts and minds for the times we are gathered as the church and, second, that it will serve in fueling us during the times we are spread throughout our schools and communities.

Preparing for Chi Alpha/Refuge - 3.29.17

This week’s passage concludes our series with where we began – proof or “that you may know.” John has been writing with the aim to offer proof of the truth to the believers. He concludes his letter in the same way – reminding us that all this is written “so you may know” and establishing the reality of the hope, joy and confidence that comes through the proven truth!

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What is True?

For those of us who believe, even in distress, there should be no fear. We may stand out like a sore thumb because we don’t go along with what the world calls truth and we will likely face persecution by many who don’t understand or know Jesus. For me, I find great comfort in Isaiah, knowing God is our divine protector and He will rise up to scatter nations, putting evil and deception to rest forever when Jesus returns. Until then, we must test every spirit to ensure it is God’s truth, thus keeping us on a straight path as we navigate our time on earth, so that we are not being deceived. 

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Featured Resource: Rooted Ministry, "Cultural Narratives and Youth Ministry"

As youth leaders {and parents}, it seems as if we are consistantly battlying with the culture around our students. Yet, even while we may want to, we cannot prevent our students from being apart of their culture. Instead of trying to gaurd our students from culture, let us instead ask the question: how does/should culture influence our ministry to students (as well as our students’ ministry to their peers)?

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To Love is To Live

So when we place our faith in Christ, the watered-down worldview of love becomes the blood-filled love of the cross. There we find God’s power to turn us away from the sin of hate. There we find God’s strength to live out the same kind of love towards one another, not just by words, but by actions where we sacrificially care for the needs of our brothers and sisters. To love in this manner is to truly live.

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The Difference Between the Head and the Heart

We have the Holy Spirit inside us as the power of God to win the war against the flesh. When we focus on things from above, and feed our Spirit, we become more like Christ. By these truths we can know we are saved and can boldly follow Jesus’ commands in our lives. 

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The Game of Life

This life is not a game to be played; strategizing how to get what we want in order to build something that is perfect and good. The Game of Life was never meant to be my story. Christ is my story. And there is an urgency that plagues my heart for you to know Christ so that you, too, will experience God’s promise. Friend, what will be your story?

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