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Student Internship Program

Year-Round Internship

The importance of the intern program:

The purpose of the internship program is to extend the relational arm of our ministry to our students. We primarily look for college students and/or recent college graduates to serve as interns so that we may connect better relationally with the students of our ministry. We also strive to provide our interns with skills and resources to equip them for their own ministry as the Lord leads them into vocational ministry. We offer a theological class for our interns to better equip them to study and teach the scripture.

Qualifications to serve as intern:

  • The individual must sense a call to minister to students. We are not limited to, but would prefer those who have surrendered into full-time Christian vocation. 
  • The individual must be pursuing a college degree to qualify for the paid position. Preference is given to those who have completed one year of college. 
  • The individual must be spiritually mature, available, and teachable. These attitudes should be demonstrated prior to application and supported by the testimony of those who know the applicant well.

What the interns do:

Our internship program is much more than simply running errands and cleaning up closets. Though the interns will find themselves doing some of these things, we also task our interns with large group teaching as well as leading small groups as they fill in as needed. Interns spend a large part of their time hanging out with students and planning events for our students. They help plan and prepare for Refuge/Chi Alpha every week, along with planning for other special events that are happening within our ministry.

How Do I Apply:

Those who are interested in being an intern in the student ministry must thoroughly read the job description and complete the application.
Click on the button below to apply. All necessary information is found on the application.

Download Student Intern Description here.


Download Authorization to Release Records form here.

College Summer Interns

Our summer incorporates high school and middle school camps, a volleyball tournament, summer swim nights, lunch w/staff, and a lot of time with students!

College students serving as Summer Interns will have the opportunity to disciple students this summer, including our Doulos high school interns. In Greek, Doulos literally translates to “slave” or “servant.” No, that does not mean they can be treated like slaves. However, our College Summer Interns will have the opportunity to invest in them and partner alongside them in ministry this summer. The Doulos program is an intensive, summer internship program for high school juniors and seniors who want to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord, serve the ministry, and develop a missional lifestyle.

Servant-Leadership Development

College Summer Interns will gain experience and specific training in the area of servant-leadership. Each Intern will be tasked to partner with a Doulos student and identify mission opportunities within their community, develop a strategy to meet those needs, rally fellow students to join their efforts, delegate appropriately, and lead out by serving.

Interns will also be given the responsibility to identify key opportunities starting gospel conversations with students. This will take the form of interns identifying students, both at Henderson Hills and within Edmond, who may not know Jesus, then building relationships for the purpose of getting into gospel conversations and/or discipleship.

Spiritual Development

Doulos and College Summer Interns will walk through the book Radical by David Platt. The Doulos book discussion will be led by Russell Boone and the College Summer Intern book discussion will be led by John Williams. Each week the Doulos students and College Summer Interns will be accountable for a required reading assignment and expected to engage in discussion pertaining to the book. College Summer Interns and Doulos will also be mentored by staff and expected to meet with their mentor at least once a week. Both groups will be required to keep a journal, making at least two entries per week. One entry will be a “Life” entry which revolves around an experience they had, and the lesson they learned from it. The second entry will be a “Scripture” entry which revolves around a particular passage they read from the Bible that week.

This alignment between the Doulos program and College Summer Internship program is intentional for the purpose of uniting both groups in discipleship. This will bring a common, forward movement of discipleship and allow both Doulos and College Summer Interns to discuss what they are learning and encourage one another.

The summer internship is an unpaid position that will require about 12-15 hours per week. We believe there is great value in this opportunity. We also know you may need to carry a summer job. We are willing to work around other part time work. Below is an overview of the summer expectations. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Weekly Time Expectations

Sunday, (8 am-12 pm) – Morning Community Groups
Monday, 12:30-2 pm – Discipleship Meeting
Tuesday & Wednesday, 1:00-2:00 pm – Team Check-in. This time is to communicate progress on projects and identify hang out time with students.
Thursday, 11:30 am-1:30 pm – Lunch with staff

Summer Events

Fuse Week – May 30th – June 3rd
VBS – June 12th – 15th (Hours will change to morning this week)
King of the Beach (KOTB) – June 25th – 28th
Beach Week – July 23rd – 28th
Lunch with Staff – Each Thursday we will have Lunch with Staff at a different restaurant each week.

If you have any questions please contact Russell Boone.

Summer Internship Application Form
Authorization to Release Records  (PDF Download)