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Afflictions of the Soul - Learning to Suffer Well

?This book will surprise you. It?s as if Dennis comes to you while you are afflicted, takes you by the hand, leads you gently, and all of a sudden you notice that you are walking again.?

             Dr. Ed Welch, psychologist, author and faculty member, Christian Counseling and Educational FoundationAfflictions of the Soul book

Why is it that some Christians can handle even the most severe trials without losing their faith while others crumble and blame God? In Afflictions of the Soul, Pastor Dennis Newkirk counsels that it?s because many believers haven?t learned how to appropriate biblical truths and God?s power and promises in times of suffering.

Many people think that once they?ve accepted Christ life will be relatively pain free, but Dennis, along with the Scriptures, eloquently conveys that this is simply not the case. The truth is, Christians and non-Christians alike will experience affliction because affliction is part of living in this fallen world.

Dennis writes not only as a compassionate pastor but also from personal experience, including stories of his own struggles with depression and cancer and his wife?s miraculous physical healing. His five anchors of biblical truths offer hope and help prepare us to suffer well, but always he points us to the Savior who sustains us.

Afflictions of the Soul will help believers appropriate the power and promises of God and even bring him glory through the suffering.


Companion Study Guide  

Afflictions of the Soul also has a ten-session, chapter-by-chapter Study Guide. For group or individual use, the Study Guide includes Bible study and practical assignments to help reinforce the five anchors for suffering well and biblical truths about dealing with depression, fear and anxiety, and spiritual depression.Afflictions of the Soul study guide

Ministries of Jesus will facilitate group studies on the HHBC campus. Contact MOJ for registration information, 405-340-7400.

Afflictions of the Soul - Learning to Suffer Well
Dennis Newkirk
© Henderson Hills Baptist Church, 2014

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