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Now Available:  Dennis’ Israel Photo Book  12 19 2016 Pilgrims Journey

Dennis Newkirk’s photographs reveal not only his love for Israel and its people but also its rich history, and this book is a collection of photographs from Marcia and his many trips to Israel. A Pilgrim’s Journey to Israel leads you from the coastal plains of Caesarea Maritima on the Mediterranean Sea, to the northern Galilean towns of Jesus’ ministry, to the magnificent sites of Jerusalem, to the barren southern sites of Masada and the Dead Sea.

  • 300+ photographs of ancient ruins, structures memorializing Christianity’s most significant sites, and of the interesting and varied people of Israel.
  • Informative history, biblical references, and devotional thoughts for many of the sites.

For those who have visited the Holy Land, let this book be a beautiful reminder of the sites you’ve seen. For others, let this book deepen your Bible study, as you’ll now be able to picture the settings for many of the stories.

A Pilgrim’s Journey to Israel is available in By THE Book bookstore during regular bookstore hours.

$25  (All profits from sales are paid to HHBC.)