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No gods but God - Confronting Our Modern-Day Idolatry

So many of us settle for a less-than-satisfying Christian life. We suffer the symptoms?spiritual dryness, dissatisfaction, and unanswered prayers?of a yet-unidentified problem that creates an obstacle between God and us. We seem unable to connect the dots ngbg cover gray backbetween our symptoms and the problem causing them: God is no longer first in our hearts.

Although the ?what? we worship has changed, the basic definition of idolatry hasn?t changed since God issued the Ten Commandments. Dennis Newkirk brings experience and a pastor?s heart as he teaches us about the dangers of modern-day idolatry.

Beginning with an unusual movement of God at a high school student summer camp and then to interrupted plans and God?s abrupt changes to a capital fundraising campaign, Dennis shares the personal story of how God used a four-step pattern to call the hearts of the people of Henderson Hills back to him. 

This isn?t some cookie-cutter approach, but seeing the steps spelled out can help all Christians recognize how God might be applying them in his or her life. 

Examining our own lives before God and admitting that our hearts have strayed isn?t easy, and it is most certainly humbling. But that?s what God wants?a humbled, repentant person standing before Him and willing to be used in service for Him. For the sincere Christian who wants an answer to the question ?Is there more to the Christian life?? No gods but God will provide an answer.

No gods but God ?Confronting Our Modern-Day Idolatry
Dennis Newkirk
© Henderson Hills Baptist Church, 2012

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