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A Message from Our Elders

Seeking God’'s will as we search for our next Worship Pastor is an important opportunity for our church. So called, “"Worship Wars"” have been the outward cause of much disagreement, discord, and even church splits over the years. Sometimes those “wars” begin to rage during seasons of transition just like the one we are currently in the midst of.

Can you imagine how this breaks the heart of the Lord? Can you imagine the damage this has done to the reputation of the Christian church in the community? Can you imagine the time, passion, and emotion that have been squandered instead of directed toward the glory of God and the edification of the saints?  By God’'s grace, may it not be so within our congregation.

Let's come together, in one accord, in this season of transition and ask the Lord to bless, grow, and strengthen us. May He grow our commitment to true, pure worship in this season. May He grow our flexibility and our desire to “count others as more valuable than ourselves” (Phil. 2:3). May He use this season to provoke us to think well about worship and, more importantly, to trust God who is worthy. 

In the coming months as we prayerfully seek God’'s will regarding our next Worship Pastor, our hope and prayer is that God would reveal himself to us and that we would be overwhelmed by the glory of God. We pray that God would, bit by bit, transform us into a church “that is overcome by the reality that this life is not about us, but all about the glory of God.” (HHBC vision statement).

 “To Him be glory in the church and in Jesus Christ throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”  (Eph. 3:21)