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Q. Where are we in the process?
A. In mid May we are scheduled to receive from Vanderbloemen Search Group a short list of candidates to begin interviewing. The list is expected to be anywhere from 3-7 candidates.

Q. How is the search being conducted?
A. We have employed Vanderbloemen Search Group to help us search for our next pastor. They have conducted more than 800 searches in the past seven years and are highly recommended by churches. You can read more about them at www.vanderbloemen.com.

Q. Why are we using a search firm?
A. They are experts in conducting searches and we haven’t searched for a pastor in over 25 years. They can expedite the process because they have 35 employees working full-time to locate and qualify candidates.

Q. Are we searching only outside Henderson Hills?
A. No, we left it completely open and internal candidates were encouraged to apply. We also took recommendations from the congregation as well. We passed all the names we reccieved on to Vanderbloemen for them to contact. All candidates go through the same process.

Q. What happens when we find a candidate we’re interested in?
A. Once the Elder Council narrows the list down to one finalist, the Council will then vote to recommend the candidate to the church as our next Lead Pastor. The Elder Council vote must be unanimous.

Q. Who makes the final decision on who to call?
A. Once the Elder Council has voted to recommend a Lead Pastor candidate, we would then notify the church and likely bring that man here to preach in view of a call. The church would then have a period of time to pray and discern God’s will and then a vote of the members of HHBC would decide. In accordance with HHBC’s Bylaws a 75% affirmative vote is required to affirm the calling of a Lead Pastor.

Q. Why has the pastor search halted the search for a Worship Pastor?
A. When we found out that Dennis was going to retire, all of the prospective candidates we were considering withdrew from the process until we hired a pastor. We also believe the next Lead Pastor will want to have input on our next Worship Pastor.

Q. What kind of changes will we see with a new senior pastor?
A. That is hard to predict. Whoever we call as Lead Pastor will be different from Dennis, but it is impossible to guess in what ways.

Q. Who is on the search team?
A. Officially, the entire Elder Council serves as the search team. The Elder Council has designated a 6-elder sub team to do the leg work of the search process and report back to the Elder Council. Additionally we have enlisted a team of church members as advisors to the process. They have been, and will be used in a variety of ways to inform the elders and provide diverse insight and observations regarding the search. A smaller team of these church members will provide feedback on candidates to the Elder Council.

Q. What can we, as church members, do to help the process?
A. The main thing we can do is pray for the man and his family that God will bring to HHBC. Pray that we, as a church and Elder Council, will clearly discern who that man is.