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Why We Tell Stories

We all have a story to tell. Some are more dramatic than others, but they all share something in common. Our stories are orchestrated by God. No accidents. No coincidences. God has a purpose in everything that happens in our lives. God uses our stories to speak to those around us who may be in similar situations. We tell these stories to speak the truth about how God is at work and to proclaim the gospel. We were created to glorify God, and our stories help tell His story. Our stories testify to who God is and what He has done, and is doing through Christ.

The gospel of Jesus Christ transforms hearts and lives. It may be radical transformation, like Saul'’s conversion on the road to Damascus, or it may be a slow, gradual awakening. Whatever the case, it'’s always miraculous and amazing when we experience that transformation. So how could we not but share the stories of God's mercy, grace, and abounding love for us, his children.

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Featured Story

John and Aly Wyatt

John and Aly Wyatt put aside their nervousness and invited some internation students to spend Thanksgiving with them. Through sharing their home and holiday traditions, they were provided opportunities to share the gospel with their new friends.