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Lauren Mains


Lauren Mains Web Image largeThe doctor came in and said they found a one inch mass in my brain and that it was time to see an oncologist. Because of the bleeding around it, they weren’t quite sure what it was, but several signs showed possibility of cancer. We were instructed to get a PET scan done as quickly as possible, and through a family at church, we got it done the next day. That scan showed a low-grade cancerous tumor. We closed on our new home the same morning we got the results, and intended on spending several days moving in. When we arrived home that same day, to our surprise, over 50 people from church were there with a moving truck. Men, women, and children moved everything from the old house to the new house and even unpacked it. Women from church cleaned the new house and everything was in place the first time I walked in. We had dinners lined up for two months, friends were constantly coming over with coffee and groceries, to clean my house, or take my kids to the movies. There was a steady flow of cards, texts, and emails.

Some dear friends from Henderson Hills connected us with one of the country’s top neurosurgeons. When we finally got to see the brain surgeon, he was confident it wasn’t cancerous, but would still require cutting through the right hemisphere of my brain to remove it. On the day of the surgery, people from church came and prayed that the mass would just fall out. The scheduled six-hour surgery only took 90 minutes. The surgeon said it went as smooth as it could have gone, and that the mass just moved out of the way. God answered that prayer.

Through all of this, God has been so kind to me. I saw the true hands and feet of Christ. I experienced God in a way like never before, and continue to as I recover. I went thirty-five years without a significant trial, and I was always scared of what-ifs. There are things that could have been worse, and I still might have to go through them. But, through this, I have lost much of the fear of the what-ifs. God’s grace is sufficient, even while I was questioning things. He is faithful, and He is who He says He is.

Lauren Mains