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Elder Papers

From time to time the elders will do an intense study on a particular theological subject and record their findings in a position paper. These papers are meant to clarify questions members might have on these issues, as well as state the church's position on such subjects. Click on the links below to read these papers.

Philosophy of Corporate Worship, September 2017

Before Entering The Shack . . .  While a statement from the Elder Council regarding a book other than the Bible is unprecedented, so is the phenomenon of The Shack, William P. Young's wildly popular fiction work from 2007.

Qualifications for Baptism or Membership We believe that the Bible teaches that only believers and all believers should be baptized subsequent to salvation. While the Scripture does affirm church membership, it does not provide a list of specific qualifications for church membership, with the exceptions of salvation and a godly life. This paper lists Scripture references and the individual points the Elder Council considered to support their summarization.

Cessationism and Continuationism This paper is the result of studying the question, 'Are all of the gifts mentioned in the New Testament valid for use in the church today.' It compares the cessationist view (all spiritual gifts have ceased today) with the continuationism view (spiritual gifts continue today) by responding to a series of ten cessationist statements. Numerous Scriptures and other resources are noted.

God's Church, God's Way This paper summarizes the Elder Council's current understanding of the truths of Scripture and how they believe that Christians should apply them to reflect a life of committed service in our Christian walk. Doctrines pertaining to God, the Bible, creation, sin, salvation, ministries of Jesus, ministries of the Holy Spirit, the church, Christian life, church application, and church practice are covered.

The Origin of Salvation An in-depth study of salvation responding to three basic questions (1) Is belief necessary for salvation? (2) Does God desire for people to be saved? (3) Is salvation by election? The study includes definitions for key terms, word studies, basic descriptions of Calvinism and Arminianism, and other frequently asked questions.

The Church & Values-Oriented Social Activism The purpose of this paper is to discuss our response to values-related social causes and activism, with 'cause' defined as the moral or social issues faced by our society. How can Henderson Hills Baptist Church most effectively confront the evils of our day?

Toward a Holy Church: Dealing with Sin & Error How can a church promote good Christian behavior and retard the growth of sin, doctrinal error, and conflict? The short answer: The church can't. It is the exclusive prerogative of the Holy Spirit to accomplish this task in the lives of Christians. Still, a church can formulate and enact policies that are designed to participate with the Holy Spirit in His mission and to be in right alignment with His purposes. This document provides general guidance to the Elder Council and to HHBC about dealing with sin and error within the church.

Henderson Hills & Political Endorsements We are blessed to live in a nation in which citizens can participate in the selection of their leaders and the formation of their laws. As Christians, we are free and encouraged to be involved in that process, whether by discussing or supporting candidates, parties, and issues, or by voting or running for office. However, the subject in question is not the citizen, but the Church, not the individual, but the institution. What role should the Church, as the corporate body, play in this, or any, political system? Should the Church behave as an action committee, endorsing candidates and parties? Should the Church play a role at all, or should it abandon the political arena altogether?