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In the Bible, Elder is a term that is synonymous with Pastor. In essence, they are the ones who have the specific responsibility for the spiritual care of the flock. Currently, there are twelve Elders at Henderson Hills and according to 1 Peter 5, they are called to be 'examples to the flock'. You will notice that the biblical qualifications to be an Elder, listed in 1 Timothy 3, are character qualities that should be found in every Christian (other than 'able to teach'). That is exactly the point! Elders are to be model Christians to the flock. For this reason, we believe it is important for you to know who your Elders are. They're the ones we're supposed to be imitating as they imitate Christ! This page is a place where you can get to know your Elders better and learn things about them you might not pick up in everyday conversation. It's also a great way to know who to pray for and how. Click on a name below to read about that elder.


Aaron Ferguson

Rob Hunt

Craig McClain

Les Miller

Kevin Nicolin

Allen Rice (currently on sabbatical)

Kim Swyden

Wally Weaver (currently on sabbatical)

Joe Williams

John Wohlgemuth


Mark Wood


Elder Council
Elder Papers
Elder Qualifications