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Pastoral Residency FAQ



How long is the Residency?

There is no fixed duration for the Residency. Normally, a Resident will join, planning to stay for 2-3 years. Exceptions may be made, depending on the needs of the church and also on the needs of the individual.


When does the Residency begin?

There is no set start date for the Residency (i.e., the Fall or the Spring). A resident can start the Residency at any time of the year, depending upon the needs of the church, and also on the resident'?s availability.


How many Residents are there at once?

There are normally three to four residents at a time. The Pastoral Residents work closely together, and this team dynamic has proven to be one of the more beneficial aspects of the Residency.


Must I have finished seminary?

Not necessarily. Residents will normally have completed an MDiv before beginning the Residency, but the application is open to those who have not completed seminary.


Is the Residency just for Church Planters?

In short, no. We desire to train and send planters and have done so, but we also desire to bring on others wanting to pastor. Bottom line, the Residency is for those desiring to preach and pastor.


Will I have to raise support, or provide additional income?

No, a resident is hired as a full-time staff member, with benefits.


Must I be married?

No, we have had single and married residents.


Is there an expected age range?

Not necessarily. Because of the nature of the Residency, most of the residents are at the outset of their ministry and are therefore younger men.


Do I need to be open to staying in Oklahoma afterward?

No, not unless we are specifically bringing you into the Residency with the intention of sending you to pastor in the area, or bringing you onto our church staff. At certain times, we may give priority to those who are open to pastoring in Oklahoma.


Is housing provided?

At present, no. We expect residents to find their own housing.


Do I need to be Southern Baptist?

Not necessarily. However, you have to be able and willing to join HHBC, which means that (a) you must be a credo-baptist, and (b) willing to be a part of a Southern Baptist church.

How often will I preach?

That depends on the individual resident, as well as the needs of the church. Normally, residents teach and preach on Wednesday nights (including leading classes through the Henderson Training Institute), provide occasional pulpit supply throughout the OKC metro, and teach in a variety of other outlets in the life of the church.


Is there a job placement process for post-Residency?

We obviously can'?t guarantee anyone a pastoral job after completion of the Residency. However, we understand a vital part of training residents is preparing them to find the right job, and walking alongside them through that process. Our aim is helping residents connect with churches in our networks while they prepare for future ministry opportunities.


What does a normal resident workweek look like?

Residents work normal office hours (Monday-Thursday 8:30-5:00) and are normally busy all day Sunday.


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