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 "Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom that we may present everyone mature in Christ." Colossians 1:28


Featured Equipping Articles


HHBC Value: Living it Out! - Anchoring Truth

Nothing can be hidden from Him who sees all things. God's Word has the power to pierce through the darkness of our souls.


HHBC Value: Living it Out! - Life Giving Hope

There is nothing we can do to heal ourselves. To know this kind of hope though, we must recognize that we are broken.


HHBC Value: Living it Out! - Desperate Dependence

When will we get desperate for Him? In vulnerability, we must come before the Lord and ask the hard questions.


HHBC Value: Living it Out! - Compelling Love

Christian, if they do not see it being lived out in our lives, then where will they see it? Is the love of Christ compelling you?



HHBC Value: Living it Out! - Reimagined Generosity

How would it feel not to have to worry about food, or shelter, or finances because a kind host has given you all you need? Our God is such a host.


HHBC Value: Living it Out! - Intentional Disciple-Making

Many believers move through the Christian life stagnant in their disciple-making as they have never been discipled themselves.


Peacemaking: Honoring God in Conflict

Being a peacemaker implies a more active attitude and practice, seeking out opportunity to bring peace to situations.



Cancel Culture: Be Motivated by Love

With finger-pointing, we’ve lost our ability to discuss issues and settle differences with civility and respect.


Cheerfully Changing: Trusting God in Trials

If God uses challenging circumstances to mold you, do you embrace those challenges or find it difficult to find joy? 


Control Freak: The Illusion of Control

Have you ever been around a control freak, that person who cannot allow anything to happen without their permission?


Reconciliation: The Mark of a Believer

We cannot be at war with God and at peace with others, and we cannot be at war with others and be at peace with God.


Don't Be A Turkey: The Ungrateful Heart

Christians should be the most thankful people in the world, because we know what God has done for us.


Crying Out to God: Help Me to Trust You

During times of adversity, it is natural for us to complain. We are tempted to doubt God has our best in mind.


Pray, Vote & Trust: Christians and Politics

We are called to influence this world while we are here, but we must not hold on to this world or politics too tightly. 


The Waiting Room: Growth in Stillness

To wait means to stay or to rest with expectation. While in the “waiting room,” we are to stay active in prayer.


Be Still and Know: Meditate on Psalms

Psalm 46 reminds us that God is Creator and sustainer of all that was created. We can “cease striving”.


Comfort in Our Affliction: Blessing of Trials

Nobody likes personal affliction, nobody looks for life crisis, yet none of us can avoid it. Only God can get us through. 


A Prayer for Grace: Hebrews 4:16

Just the simple act of prayer is a conduit for grace. As we begin our prayers, we enter the Father’s presence.


From Hopelessness to Thanksgiving

We often find ourselves gripped by life and the feeling of hopelessness. We struggle with the
fear of no answers.


Love One Another: Compelling Love

Love and service: undoubtedly tied together in the mind of God as expectations for the saints.


Remember His Lovingkindness 

When the weight of life seems too much and we feel desperate and hopeless, remind us Lord of your lovingkindness. 


Remember Those Who Led You

Take time to meditate on the pursuit of God for you and the servant He used to speak His grace to you.


Servant Leadership: Following Jesus

Jesus models for us what a real humble servant does. His ministry on earth to show kindness to others.


The Beauty of Servanthood - John 13

No service is too humbling. This is truly our example of servanthood, a true display of what it looks like to be like Jesus.

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Henderson Hills Baptist Church endeavors to be a church of the Lord Jesus Christ, as such, according to Ephesians 4:12, Jesus intended Equipping the Saints to be a priority function in his church. The maturity of believers and the health of the church depends on every member being equipped “for the work of ministry, for the building up of the body of Christ.”

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