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Life Giving Hope


Dan Leiephart teaches us the importance of being anchored in truth today. ...

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Pray, Vote & Trust: Christians and Politics


We are called to influence this world while we are here, but we must not hold on to this world or politics too tightly. ...

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Reconciliation: The Mark of a Believer


We cannot be at war with God and at peace with others, and we cannot be at war with others and be at peace with God....

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Don't Be A Turkey: The Ungrateful Heart


Christians should be the most thankful people in the world, because we know what God has done for us....

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Crying Out to God: Help Me to Trust You


During times of adversity, it is natural for us to complain. We are tempted to doubt God has our best in mind....

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The Waiting Room: Growth in Stillness


To wait means to stay or to rest with expectation. While in the “waiting room,” we are to stay active in prayer....

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Cancel Culture: Be Motivated by Love


With finger-pointing, we’ve lost our ability to discuss issues and settle differences with civility and respect....

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Cheerfully Changing: Trusting God in Trials


If God uses challenging circumstances to mold you, do you embrace those challenges or find it difficult to find joy? ...

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Control Freak: Navigating the Illusion of Control


Have you ever been around a control freak, that person who cannot allow anything to happen without their permission?...

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