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Latest Elder Update, August 20, 2020

What an exciting time in our church! We continue to rejoice in Jesus for the life that we saw on Sunday through God’s Word in Psalm 23, through Community Groups beginning to meet again, and kids/students starting back up. We hope that more continue to gather safely as we move forward, but we are not forgetting about those remaining at home—we love you!

Our staff team has been working on a big opportunity that we will share below, but we wanted to give a couple of reminders first. Remember that we are asking you to keep your mask on whenever you are inside our buildings—even while in Community Group rooms. Also, the café has a few grab-and-go items for breakfast, coffee is available, and check out the bookstore for new recommendations. Finally, as more people begin attending, we have a growing need for ushers in every service to help people find seats. If you could serve for a few minutes in the service you already attend, email Jim to plug in.

Now to the big opportunity! In light of the impact, COVID-19 is having on our community’s schools and families, and as we asked the Lord for a way we could help ease the burden, we would like to introduce WEDNESDAYS at HENDERSON HILLS! We are planning to open our church building every Wednesday from 8 am - 3 pm for kindergarteners through 8th graders. Our Student Ministry also will be hosting “Homework on the Hills” for 6th-12th graders on Wednesdays from 1 pm - 5 pm, so the 6th-8th graders will join them over there at 1 pm.

Registration will be required each week and will open at noon each Sunday and close at 6 pm each Monday (or when full). We will cap the number of kids depending on our number of volunteers in our desire to care well for everyone who comes (hopefully 200-250 kids). Masks will be required for attendance and we will do temperature checks for every student at check-in.

What we hope to provide through this service is a safe learning environment, help with schoolwork, encouragement, lunch, a snack, and, as best we can, a reliable wi-fi connection. Most of all, our goal is to build relationships and to speak and live out the gospel in a way that has lasting impacts on families in our community.

So, church family, YOU will be essential to the success of this outreach. Our staff team will update this sign-up needs regularly as we learn more about the needs of the families we are trying to serve as well as things that will help us serve in the best way possible. Please prayerfully consider how you might plug into this incredible opportunity that God has brought to our doorstep. At this point, our plan is to continue to serve in this way until school returns to “normal” or we find it essential to make a change. Our plan is to operate alongside the school calendar, at least for the fall semester.

We are still finalizing plans and considering every possible need. We will communicate with you as quickly as possible should anything change. Please begin praying for ways that you might serve—even if you don’t feel comfortable in the building. We need many to step up in-person, obviously, but you can also give financially, donate food/snacks/supplies, etc. The sign-up to volunteer or donate is here. Most importantly, though, please be in prayer for the students and families our church will serve through this outreach, that the relationships we build will be eternally life-changing and will meet a practical need in their lives in this difficult time.

What an opportunity to shine the light of Christ, church! Let’s dive in and care for our neighbors well, both in this way and in many other ways. Feel free to email our Live Sent Team with any questions about this opportunity. We love you!

Your Elder Council