Next Steps

Next Steps

Next Steps

At Henderson Hills we believe financial giving is an act of worship, a demonstration of obedience, and an expression of gratefulness for God's generosity to us.


Indeed, we are not giving God a percentage of our wealth, for God owns it all, and we are merely stewards of it. We are honoring God by returning a portion to Him of what is already His. When giving is done with God-honoring motives, the giver and God are blessed. Giving is never to be done for self-exalting reasons but rather for God-glorifying ones.

Giving is intentional and a reflection of God's grace and goodness. It is an act of faith to financially support the church with expectations of how God will use our gifts to build His Kingdom. Clearly, Jesus taught compassion and generosity toward the needy, and the local church is an extension of those ministry priorities. Through giving, we are partnering with Him in caring for others.



Thank you so much for your contributions to the work of Christ and His church here at Henderson Hills. Online giving has become more important than ever and we want to make the experience as simple and convenient as possible. We will be making a transition over to a new giving processing service called PushPay that will give you more options and convenience for giving. It will also integrate with our Church Database System much more seamlessly. You can expect to see things like ‘text to give’ options, a much more streamlined user experience, and you’ll be able to set up recurring gifts in just a few quick steps.

We know it will take some time to transition everyone over to the new giving system so for the next four weeks (the month of October) we will have both options available here on our website. Then, we will move completely over to PushPay as our online giving resource. Once again, thank you for your generosity toward HHBC and the work the Lord has set before us.

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