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Spring 2019 semester will begin on Wednesday, February 6th.


THE HOLINESS OF GOD   registrationbutton

Instructor: Adrian Savedra
Location: Worship Center

In this class, we will examine the meaning of holiness and why people are both fascinated and terrified by a holy God. This class will closely explore God's character, leading to new insights into sin, justice, and grace.

DANIEL 7-12    registrationbutton

Instructor: Kevin Nicolin
Location: TBD

Although challenging to study, the last half of the book of Daniel is quite remarkable. Not only are the near-term prophecies amazingly accurate, but the far-term prophecies enlighten the end-times teaching in Revelation. It’s been said that what Revelation is to the New Testament, Daniel is to the Old Testament. This class will be a workout, but worth the effort.

1 KINGS (for Ladies Only)   registrationbutton

Instructors: Beth McClain
Location: TBD

God’s promise to Abraham finally seems real after centuries of struggling and unrest. David and Solomon unite the Israelites into a single kingdom, but God’s people turn, again, to idols and the nation spirals downward. But through all of this, a future hope remains. Will God’s promised Messiah come to pass in spite of Israel’s failures? Join us in this Bible study as we explore God’s truth and faithfulness as revealed through 1 Kings.

 Live Sent   registrationbutton

Instructors: Mike, John Wohlgemuth, Chris Gibson, Missionaries from the Middle East
Location: TBD

The LIVE SENT course is designed to encourage and equip our people to live out their faith in everyday contexts and around the world, to grow in discipleship and disciple-making, and in being a gospel presence in their family, community, and workplace. This course will also provide practical application tools and strategies for living a sent life.

 PARENTING    registrationbutton 

Instructors: Mark & Amy Wood and Rob & Kelly Hunt
Location: TBD

Raising children is hard. Whether you are seeking biblical Truth related to parenting or you are needing wisdom related to that toddler, pre-teen, teenager, college kid, or adult child, we will all learn together how God wants us to steward the gift that God has given us in our kids.

Becoming a Praying People   registrationbutton  

Instructors: Kim Swyden and Jimmy Quinn
Location: TBD

This course is designed to give students deeper definitions, understanding, and most importantly, application of prayer in the life of the believer. God has called us His Children and as such, He desires to have a personal relationship with us, no matter how discombobulated our minds are. To deepen our personal relationship with the Sovereign God, we are invited to enter a constant conversation with Him, which we call prayer. Christians are spiritually formed and renewed as they increasingly understand The Father and experience Him. Prayer is therefore important to the believer’s sanctification and intimacy with God.

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