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Jesus Changes Everything

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Perfection Not Required - Elisabeth Wallace

Elisabeth Wallace_L

Because of Christ’s love, grace, and forgiveness, I am free from the darkness of perfection and shame....

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In His Loving Care - Taylor Beaver

Taylor Beaver_L

I found hope and security in the money I was making, my career, friendships, parties, and materialism, a marathon with no finish line...

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God's Sovereign Hand - Nathan Beaver


It took five years, a lot of heartache, getting married, having a baby, and more struggles to realize I did not have control of this life ...

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A New Hope in Life - D'onte' Ballard


I reached my breaking point when I took a step back and looked at my life. I saw deceit, hate, and all I had lost. Hopeless, alone, no purpose ...

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Secure in Jesus Christ - Ezekiel Foster


I did my best to hide my struggles and put on a fake picture of myself, but deep down, I was miserable and couldn’t escape....

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Total Surrender - Jennifer Wedel


I grew up moving a lot and never attended church. My home life was dark and chaotic. The only exposure to Jesus was visiting family....

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Cultural Christianity - Samuel Lawrence


I made superficial changes, I looked like a Christian on the outside. But I hadn’t changed on the inside....

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God's Amazing Grace - Kirk Hickey


I was raised in a faith where the works and requirements of perfection were so great that I felt I never could measure up....

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Crying Out to Jesus - Mike Quinn


My life as you can imagine was completely destroyed. I knew I had only one hope to survive, God. I cried day and night....

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Loved and Accepted - Faith Ferrell


Jesus died for me, but I didn't know why. I gave all the right answers that I had heard all my life, but I didn't feel the weight of what it meant....

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