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Taking Off the Mask - Joe Boone


My pride made me believe I had all the answers, but there was always a suffocating emptiness inside me....

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Total Surrender - Jennifer Wedel


I grew up moving a lot and never attended church. My home life was dark and chaotic. The only exposure to Jesus was visiting family....

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In His Loving Care - Taylor Beaver

Taylor Beaver_L

I found hope and security in the money I was making, my career, friendships, parties, and materialism, a marathon with no finish line...

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God's Sovereign Hand - Nathan Beaver


It took five years, a lot of heartache, getting married, having a baby, and more struggles to realize I did not have control of this life ...

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Cultural Christianity - Samuel Lawrence


I made superficial changes, I looked like a Christian on the outside. But I hadn’t changed on the inside....

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The Good Husband - Victor Delgado


I was a “good husband” and a “good father.” Why couldn’t that be enough?...I would ask myself, “What is it that GOD wants from me?”...

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Fully Surrendered to God - Scott Johnson


One weekend, at the age of 30, I experienced a life-changing string of events. A good friend of mine, shot me while I was asleep. ...

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You Know My Heart - Louie Marschik


I have been saved from battles of pornography, a “foul” mouth, and drunkenness. I used these “vices” to cover up my own self-esteem issues....

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The Power of Prayer - Doris Hidalgo


I grew up and the church was losing relevance. I used to pray a little but I walked away, I didn't think I was enough to please God....

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God's Hand on Me - Randy Kamp


Looking back on it, I know God had His hand on me. I grew up in a messy home and in a dysfunctional family....

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