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Crying Out to Jesus - Mike Quinn


Hello, my name is Mike Quinn and this is my story:

 "I was raised in a Catholic home as a Roman Catholic and was baptized as an infant. I attended Catholic schools for 12 years. I married my beautiful wife Debbie on March 3, 1979 in a freewill Baptist church. Sometime in the 1980’s I joined a Baptist church in Midwest City, OK and was baptized in that church.

I never grew as a Christian and even hid my baptism from my wife. In the late 1990’s we both joined a Baptist church in Moore, OK. My wife accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior shortly after we joined. We attended regularly for about two years. During the years after that I kept God neatly tucked away, and I only called on him when it was necessary.

My wife throughout her life was plagued with physical and mental ailments that grew larger and larger as she grew older. On January 12, 2020 it all came crumbling down when she succeeded in taking her own life. We were married almost 41 years.

My life as you can imagine was completely destroyed. I knew I had only one hope to survive, God. I cried day and night and began praying to God for His help. I asked forgiveness of my sins and I promised Him my life if He would help me through this ordeal. I started reading the Bible and inspirational books about the Bible. Slowly things began to change and I realized that I needed to find a church home for support.

I visited as many churches as possible before the virus shut everything down; then I turned to the internet to find a church home. I happened to watch the sermon Mike Wall preached on the 23rd Psalm, which left me in tears. I decided Henderson Hills was a church I needed to visit, and shortly after I attended a service and went to a Community Group.

Although I felt my life was much, much better there was still something missing in my life---Jesus Christ. I began to pray every day, earnestly seeking to know Him. After seeing the suggestion in a book, I wrote out a prayer surrendering my life to Him, asking Him to patiently help me surrender all.

I wondered in my heart what might happen. About 2-3 hours later I began to have this overwhelming thought that my wife took her life to save mine. I immediately begin to cry out to God for His help, because I knew I could not possibly live with the guilt of her taking her life for me. I was a total basket case, frantic and screaming out to God for help! I sat down on my loveseat in the den and began to pray with all that I had left in me.

Suddenly, I felt a voice inside of me saying: “Michael, it wasn’t Debbie that died for you--- it was Jesus.” My life was changed in that instant. I understood that Jesus died for me, and why He did it. I was overwhelmed with the Love of God---I felt like I stood before the cross of Christ.

I am not sure why God chose to change me in such a dramatic manner, but I am overjoyed that He did! My prayer is that my testimony helps someone in a similar situation realize that God did send His Son to die for us so that we might live!

This new life represents to me the death of my old life of sin and separation from God, and the resurrection into a new life as a Christian sold out to the love of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior."