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For His Glory - Beth McClain


My name is Beth McClain, and I am the Women's Ministry Director at Henderson Hills.

I surrendered my life to Christ at the age of 26. After years of rebellion, confusion, questions, and unbelief, I sat on the floor in our living room and surrendered myself to a God who graciously gave me the gift of eternal life with Him. As I look back over the years, before my salvation, I am eternally grateful for the women God placed in my life to allow me to see my need for a Savior. The moms of my best friends, my Mother-in-Law, my stepmom, and even my supervisors where I worked. These women were intentional. They listened to my heart, and they shared theirs. They never made me feel like I was less than anyone else because of my mistakes and questions. They loved me because Christ loved them. They are women who have lived their faith in front of me and allowed me a front-row seat to see God at work. Because of these women and a God who offers salvation, I ultimately gave my life to Him.

In June of 2008, I officially became the Women's Ministry Director at Henderson Hills. Although I had been on staff years before this doing other ministries, I recognized that God's call on my life was the same as the women who invested in me many years ago. I want to be intentional about listening and sharing and allow women to see and know who they are in Christ. Each woman is different, each woman has a story, and each woman is made in the image of Christ. It is humbling to think that God can use even me to proclaim His name and encourage others in their walk. It is even more encouraging to know that God is using many other women in our church to do the same. What a beautiful picture of discipleship that extends throughout generations in our church and community.

As the Women's Ministry Director, I talk with women who are deeply hurting, confused, angry, and sometimes shaken to the core of who they are. As they share their stories, I'm reminded that God is powerful. He is sovereign, and He is good. No matter the circumstance, we are called to remind others of His Kingdom, His purposes, and His love for His people. I pray that we, as women, can further the truths of God and His Word for His glory for hundreds of generations ahead. Will you join me?