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From Darkness to Light - Hossein Bahrami


My name is Hossein Bahrami and this is my story:

"I am a graduate of Materials Science and Engineering and also have a bachelor’s degree in Health and Safety. I was born on Christmas 1979 in Iran, in a religious family. The religion of my family is Islam and it has been attributed to me as well since I was born. In fact, I had no role in choosing my religion. So I never practiced Islam but seeing what it has done to us, I chose Satanism and to worship Satan.

I had never believed in God and I was always struggling with myself to find the meaning of the life. In fact, I was not able to find the truth, to taste the sweetness of faith and to believe in the fact that we have a savior in the world. All that I remember is that my soul was overwhelmed with darkness. I had no clue why I should pray and to whom I should have faith. Better to say, I was totally lost in the midst of the darkness.

My wife and I immigrated to the United States about two years ago. We were living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (the Christmas city). One day, while we were walking around a large bookstore in Bethlehem, my curiosity took me to the section of religious books. I found a Bible and I bought it. I hadn’t had a chance to read it until the pandemic hit the country. I was locked down at home like many other people all around the world and I started reading the Bible.

At first, I thought it was a regular religious book. But when I started reading it deeply, I realized it does contain majestic massages. Although I had a tough time understanding some concepts and words that made me to go back and forth in the English to Farsi dictionary, I never stopped reading more and discovering more about it. It was inspiring enough not to let me give up reading it.

It was like I had found Christ, the spirit of God, talking to me and leading me to the light. I was absolutely impressed by the Bible and was eager to dive deep into this newly opened world to me and now I had a lot of questions to be answered.

So, when I moved to Oklahoma, I attended the Henderson Hills Farsi Ministry meetings and events. It was my first time being in a church and the feeling was exciting, it was a feeling that was out of this world.  Now I can understand it better. I had several Bible studies with brother Farshid and he led me in praying and giving my life to Jesus Christ.

My soul was awakened. Yeah, I had found Christ my savior. I had dedicated my soul and body to the Son of God. As The Lord says in Rev 3:20 He wanted to come to my heart and my life, I was able to open my heart by His mercy and Christ embraced me. He took me from the darkness to the light and drove the devil out of my soul. Now, I truly believe that the kingdom of God belongs to him.
God bless you. Amen