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God's Sovereign Hand - Nathan Beaver


My name is Nathan Beaver and this is my story:

"I am 30 years old and from Edmond, Oklahoma. I  didn’t grow up attending church regularly or spend much time, if any, reading God’s word. My family, while believing in a higher power, did not make God a priority. However, I was taught to pray with all my heart at a young age and knew of Jesus but did not know him like I do now. 

Throughout my childhood and into early adulthood, I became lost on more than one occasion. I fell into a depression while in high school, experimenting with drugs and alcohol which carried over after I graduated, but through all my struggles I always felt Jesus tugging at my heart. 

I first attended Henderson Hills when I was around 14 years old, little did I know, my wife attended Henderson as well. We didn’t meet until years later, and the first time I met her mother was at Henderson.

It took five years, a lot of heartache, getting married, having a baby, and going through more struggles for me to realize I did not have control of this life. I needed Jesus to take the wheel and guide me. I know He was there through all of it, adding pieces to the bigger picture.

The love of my wife, our community group and my amazing in-laws has helped shepherd me to follow Christ. I can’t thank any of them enough for their guidance and support. My mother and father in-law have been a huge part of it. The way they model Christ and have him at the center of their marriage is amazing and it has inspired me more to do the same.

My wife and I are in the Wytovich CG and we are currently studying Genesis. It’s amazing how God’s word can be so fitting and speak to you in the current season you are in.  Just recently, we discussed how God is always working. You may not realize it until moments or even years later.

He puts all these pieces in your life at the right times to help mold you and get you through whatever life throws at you. It is beautiful to be able to look back and see how much He’s done for you. To see how every bit of it was for His glory and to make you into the person you were meant to be. 

I am sharing today to show that I have given my life to Jesus Christ, my savior and Lord in heaven. A public display of my thankfulness for all he has done for me and my life. He has washed me clean and given me a new life. For God, my wife, and my two beautiful girls. 

Lord I pray that you mold me into the man you want me to be. A leader of my house, the husband and father that I am meant to be and above all a man in Christ.