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High Court of Heaven - Eugene Schneider


My name is Eugene Schneider and this is my story:

"I was raised in the Catholic Church and baptized as an infant. I did my first communion and confirmation as a child. I lived my life by attending church with family as just an event to do.

When I turned 19 years old, I was searching out my religious beliefs and saw a play called “High Court of Heaven.” I then gave my life to Christ as a young adult. I realized that the people I assumed would be in heaven may not be there for it’s by God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifice that we are saved.

My actions and good deeds did not grant me salvation. I was a sinner and only by asking for forgiveness and being given the free gift of grace that was paid for by Jesus dying on the cross do I have a place in heaven for eternity. This impacted my life so much that I was witnessing to anyone and everyone including an atheist I met.

However, as most young believers experience, there were many years where I didn’t follow Christ as I should have.

A few years before I met my wife, Rosie, I dedicated myself to attending church on a regular basis at “Life in the Word” where I grew up in Michigan. My beliefs and commitment to God grew stronger during that time and even stronger after I met and married my wife.

After many years of not thinking I needed to be baptized as an adult, I’ve read scripture where John baptized many after their professions of faith. Out of obedience to scripture, I was baptized and now proclaim that I am a child of God."