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Loved and Accepted - Faith Ferrell


Hi, my name is Faith Ferrell, and this is my story:

"I started going to Henderson Hills when I was three years old. I always liked going to church because I got to see my friends and hear the Bible stories from my Sunday school teachers. When I was in the 5th grade, I went to VBS. On the last day, one of the speakers went up on the stage and said to the students that if they had any questions on what it meant to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, to go talk to a teacher on the side the stage.

I remember feeling excluded because so many of my classmates were going up to the stage and talking with the teachers, but I didn't truly understand the reason. I had seen my sister, Abby, get baptized, and I looked up to her so much I wanted to do what she had done, so I talked to my parents about what it meant to be a Christian, and they shared the gospel with me. I understood that Jesus died for me, but I didn't know why. So, I gave all the right answers that I had heard all my life, but I didn't feel the weight of what it truly meant.

In middle school, I was a very lonely kid. I was bullied by other girls, and as hard as I tried to be like those girls, I never felt I could be good enough to be accepted by them. I tried my best to be involved in church, but I had an empty feeling in my heart. I felt worthless.

My loneliness led to sin as I was trying to fill what was missing in my heart. In high school, I began spending spring breaks on mission in Santa Cruz. On my second trip there, I opened up to Jensen Holmes, and I confessed all the sins I had been burdened with for so long. She shared the gospel with me, and for the first time, I understood the weight of my sin and that it separated me from God. It was then that Jensen and I prayed, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior.

Right after my talk with Jensen, I walked into where the other students were. They could tell that I had been crying and asked if I was okay. When I told them that I accepted Jesus, they hugged me and called me "sister." I knew then that I was a part of the family of God, and I felt loved. I shared my testimony with everyone on the trip and other people who were there, including my tennis coach Kevin Cunningham and his wife, Lori.

Lori became my spiritual mentor. We meet weekly, and she councils me as I continue to grow in Christ. I still feel lonely sometimes, but I know that Christ will never abandon me. Daily I am growing in my relationship with the Lord. Before, I didn't care about reading the Bible, but now I feel a call to read the Bible. I want my lost friends to have the same understanding of Jesus' love and forgiveness and to feel the same love that I now have.

Today I tell my story to show that I know Jesus died on the cross to pay for my sins, and I am going to continue telling my story because I know so many people feel the same emptiness that I used to feel. I want them to know that they can only find forgiveness in Jesus Christ.