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Made New - Alese Walker


My name is Alese Walker and this is my story:

"Before I gave my life over to the Lord, I was living very much in the world. I felt alone and unworthy. I had lustful thoughts, engaged in new age activities such as crystals and sage, and was going out on the weekends abusing substances. I knew it was wrong, but I still did it. I was trying to fill the void with all of these things, but after I would still feel the same or even more empty.

I grew up in and out of churches, and none of them clicked. I didn’t understand. The Lord started working on me slowly this summer. One night in August, my brother James asked me if I knew where I was going when I died. It was at that moment I realized I really didn’t know. It was that night that I prayed and asked the Lord for forgiveness and repented of my sin. The next morning the Lord even spoke to me through my TikTok feed. He has actually connected me to some believers through the app that speak into my life weekly. 

After praying that night, I’ve felt pure happiness, true comfort, worthy, and at peace. James had been attending Henderson Hills since the summer, and I started coming with him in September attending service and community group every Sunday. Before giving my life to Christ I had no desire to attend church, meet new people, worship with other believers or grow in the word. Now I do desire all of these things and always look forward to Sundays.

Today I want to make my profession of faith public. I’ve been made new by Christ dying on the cross for my sins. I’ve surrendered my life to him and never want to look back."