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The Good Husband - Victor Delgado


Hi, I am Víctor Delgado, and this is my story:

I grew up in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico, in a God-fearing, loving home of the Catholic faith. I even went to a Catholic school where the teachers were nuns and educated in the Word of God. I was baptized as an infant, and grew up a “good kid,” I was taught that as long as I was good, my relationship with God would be good as well. Yet, the older I got, the harder it was to be “good,” and I felt more distant from HIS presence.

At the age of 17, I met my wife, who was of the Christian faith, and we married a year later. Every so often, I would attend her church with the kids, yet when I would go, I was constantly reminded that I was a sinner because I was Catholic. I could accept being called a sinner, but I didn’t believe that I was a sinner because I was raised Catholic. And through the years, I noticed both Catholics and Christians thought the same way of each other. This only made me resist being part of any church and the Christian faith. This pushed me farther away from knowing what a relationship with God was like.

My wife tried to explain to me the importance of being a spiritual head of the house and the importance of a relationship with Christ, yet I didn’t understand why she was asking this from me, if I was a “good husband” and a “good father.” Why couldn’t that be enough? This only made me feel more distant from God and caused more confusion. I would ask myself, “What is it that GOD wants from me?” There was one thing I did notice; the joy that my wife and children felt when I would go to church with them. It was then that I made the decision to not go to church with a hardened heart but a heart that was willing to hear HIS Word.

Of course, this took time, 13 years to be exact, but each time my heart began to break and to understand what his death and resurrection did for me. To see my sin upon that cross only made me want to know more of Jesus Christ. As my faith grew, so did my conviction to make my faith public and share with everyone that I am now part of the family of faith in Jesus Christ.

I am aware that this water baptism will not make me perfect, but I know that my growing faith in HIM will guide me to be the husband, father, and church member HE has called me to be. Because I no longer live with fear of God but with his salvation, redemption, and grace.

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