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The Journey to Grace - Sejung Lee Boo


My name is Sejung Lee Boo and this is my story:

"I grew up in Seoul, South Korea, and the religion of my family was Buddhism when I was a child. My family went to a Christian church for several years when I was a teenager, but later we all stopped considering the things of Christ.

My life got busier after I started college, and I wasn’t a part of any religion even though I had some strong memories in my heart of the lesson of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for me. I became Catholic, following my fiancé’s family, after he asked me to marry him. I was baptized in a Catholic church in my late 20s, but my husband and I rarely went to the Catholic church.

After becoming a mother of two kids, I stayed home as a full-time mom, and in the eighth year of my marriage, I got to thinking about taking a challenging adventure. After I finished one semester of my master’s course in English Education in Korea, I decided to finish my degree in English Education at UCO for my future career.

That decision brought my kids and I to Edmond, Oklahoma, where we had never been, and I did not know much about this place. Several months after I arrived, I found out that this place is called the ‘Bible Belt.’ My friend invited me to a Bible study led by Ms. Amanda Stulce, and I started to participate in the study out of curiosity, and my curiosity turned into the awareness of the existence of and love of God for me.

I became aware that I am a sinner, repented of my sin and I trusted Jesus Christ as my savior. Since I was born again as a Christian, I found that my desire to follow God’s Word was stronger. To obey Christ’s command, I was baptized. I testify of my faith today, and I am so thankful to make a public profession for God’s glory."