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The Power of Prayer - Doris Hidalgo


My name is Doris and this is my story:

"I was sprinkled as a baby, when I was 40 days old in another church. I did not grow up in a Christian family, but I loved attending and serving at Mass. Because of that I learned a lot about the church, stories from the Bible and about Jesus, whom I knew as God, but I did not understand why He had to die on a cross or what that meant for my life. I prayed a lot and tried to be good for him, but I could not find peace. One of my biggest fears was dying because I did not know what would happen next.

I grew up and the church was losing relevance. I used to pray a little before going to sleep but I walked away because I did not think I was enough to please God. At that time, I met Mike and the first team from Henderson Hills. I got to translate the gospel again and again to so many people, but I did not accept the message out of pride. Because I thought. “Why am I going to accept Christ in my life if He is already present?” I felt that I didn’t need to do anything because I already knew about him.

I did not understand that I was a sinner which separated me from God and that nothing but Jesus and what He did on the cross for me could save me from eternal death. It was hard for me to process that someone could love me enough to die in my place.

One day, three years ago after feeling very lonely, I finally decided to pray and trust Jesus as my Savior and to grow in a relationship with him. Ever since then I am no longer afraid to die, because I know that He was resurrected, and He is stronger than death.

Since that day I have peace that there is a beautiful place that Jesus has prepared for me in heaven. I learned last week that three years ago Mike and Vanda asked the staff of this church to pray for the salvation of a translator in Nicaragua as they were unaware if I was saved or not.

I am pretty sure they were praying at the same time I trusted Christ and I am so thankful, because now I understand the power of prayer. I am here today as an act of obedience to the Word and to tell my church family that I am in Christ and I want to live to glorify his name.