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You Know My Heart - Louie Marschik


My name is Louie Marschik and this is my story:

"I am 52 years old. Today, I am coming before you as a “Believer,” professing Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Jesus now leads my life, although sometimes I still try to control things, which results in frustration.

I have been saved from battles of temptations like pornography, a “foul” mouth, and drunkenness. I was the “fun” drunk. I allowed anxiety to control me at times in my life. Through God’s wisdom, I now realize I used these “vices” to cover up my own self-esteem issues. I got caught up in the trap of “I’m a nice guy, and I like to help people, so I must be a Christian.” I now realize that was foolish.

Christ made it clear that, first and foremost, he wants a relationship with me.
I have always felt God’s presence in my life, but I never submitted my life to Him until the last few years. I’ve hesitated to take this step of obedience in baptism in front of a large crowd, but a few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit sent me a clear message: “This isn’t about you, Louie; it’s about what God has asked of you in the form of obedience.”

I understood baptism is not what saves me, but Jesus, through his death and resurrection, is what has saved me. I was grateful to be baptized as a symbol of my old self being put to death and being reborn in Christ. I am thankful for the forgiveness of sins and harmful things I have done against the Lord. Thank you for forgiving me!!

Recently, I read a poem by JT Turner that really hit home with me. JT wrote:

“You created me, Father, and you know my heart.
The same heart that beat while we drifted apart.
You’ve healed me again, Lord, so that now I can grow.
You should know, this time Lord, I will not let you go”.

I continue to ask God to give me the strength to “Let Go” of this world and to follow the journey He has set in motion for me. I love you, Lord!! I Need you!! I’m “all in”; thank you for leading me always!!"

Matthew 28 says, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always.”