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Our mission at Henderson Hills is to equip one another to love Jesus and live sent. But what does that mean?


We believe that a follower of Jesus is “living sent” when they are lovingly surrendered to Him and to His words in John 20:21, “As the Father has sent Me, even so I am sending you.”

Jesus sent His followers out both locally and globally with the good news of His life, death, and resurrection—news that can bring light and life where there is darkness and death. To “live sent” means we live in such a way to reveal this hope of Jesus with others as His ambassadors—reflecting His heart in the way we love and sharing His gospel in the way we speak. It is an intentional action to love non-believers and do life among them, showing them hospitality in an overflow of Christ's love in our lives.

We know that many times when a person hears about living “sent” they immediately think of crossing borders and packing suitcases. Though this is one crucial aspect, it is important to remember that living “sent” can also be done by simply crossing the street or grocery store aisle.


Here are 15 practical and intentional ways to live sent:

  1. Pursue a life of personal holiness so that your conduct would bear witness to Christ's work in your life.

  2. Get to know your neighbors and meet needs when they arise.

  3. Get to know your coworkers and pray for specific needs they have.

  4. Pray daily for boldness to share the gospel in the opportunities God has given you.

  5. Speak about Jesus to strangers in the community.

  6. Share your testimony of God’s work in your life with anyone.

  7. Bless your children’s teachers/coaches in the name of Jesus.

  8. Open your home to non-believers. 

  9. Remind fellow Christians of the gospel and commit to living sent together.

  10. Ask the Lord for His eyes to see who and what to pray for.

  11. Give sacrificially to advance God’s Kingdom.

  12. Seek to use your spiritual gift(s) in specific ways to make Jesus known among non-believers. 

  13. Pray Luke 10:2 that the Lord would send more workers into the field.

  14. Encourage and support those who are willing to move elsewhere to live sent.

  15. Remain willing to go wherever and whenever God provides the opportunity.