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Do you ever wonder . . .
• How do I give, save, and pay all my bills?
• Is financial freedom really possible?
• How do I create a budget?
• How will we fund our child’s education?
• What should we teach our children about money?
• What kind of insurance does our family need?
• How do I begin investing?
• Is my retirement account on track?
• Are we managing the abundance God has entrusted to us in a manner pleasing to Him?

If you’re like most people these questions and many others like them frequently come to mind.

God loves and cares deeply for us. Given that commerce and money are integral to the daily lives of people throughout the world, it’s no wonder that God’s Word has so much to say on the subject of money. In fact, the Bible contains about 2,350 verses dealing with money and possessions! Jesus had much to say about money, and over 15% of His teachings were on this subject. God knows that from time-to-time money will be a struggle for all of us, and He wants to equip us to handle it well. The financial truths revealed in the Bible are practical and work for all generations and in any economy.

The Bible’s wisdom about money is not limited to times when our financial circumstances are challenging or difficult. Scripture also teaches us about giving, investing, and retirement. The Bible teaches us about managing money, the use of debt, and lending to others. It warns us about greed, idolatry, and evil uses of money. Yes, God’s Word addresses each of these, and many more subjects related to money.

'If therefore you have not been faithful in the use of worldly wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you?'
Jesus, as quoted in Luke 16:11

The Biblical Finances Ministry at HHBC wants to serve you! We have a team of qualified, experienced coaches who are willing to disciple you regarding money matters according to Biblical principles. If you are interested in Biblical Finances training by our coaches, please email us. All inquiries and coaching are strictly confidential. [Financial coaches do not provide specific investment, legal, tax or any other advice of a professional nature, nor do they endorse or sell financial products.]

In addition, Biblical Finances classes are being scheduled for the Fall of 2020. Keep an eye out here on this page for future announcements and enrollment opportunities.

More Info? Contact the Biblical Finances Ministry Team.