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International Book


International Book coverA New Language of the Heart is a book written by leaders from our international student ministry as well as our Henderson Hills' writing team. This book contains the testimonies and stories of many students impacted by our College and International Student Ministry at Henderson Hills. The stories in this book are a blessing and encouragement.

Email Karina for your free copy and enjoy reading about what the Lord has done!

Forward by Pastor Dennis Newkirk

This is a one of a kind book; you won't read another just like it!
I encourage you to soak up every page because they tell the stories of
God's display of grace through moving behind the scenes to gather very
diverse people to the same place at the same time to accomplish His
greatest works.
We use several 'omni' words to describe God's relationship to
creation. He is omniscient - knowing everything He wants to know. He
is omnipresent - being here, there, and everywhere at the same moment.
He is omnipotent - doing anything and everything He so desires. That
God determined to bring people from all over the world to Edmond,
Oklahoma, and once here, that God brought these students into contact
with Christians that He would use to tell them a life-changing story they
may have never heard before. Not only that, He also used a church to
help prepare them to take the gospel of grace back to their homelands,
serving as indigenous missionaries to populations that may never have
been reached otherwise.
These authors have banded together to tell you an amazing story!
Linger over their words, and let your amazement grow as you learn
more about the mighty God that we serve. But also let your imagination
explode with a vision of what could happen if a church and an increasing
number of Christians dedicated themselves to reaching the world while
never leaving our small city.
Dr. Dennis Newkirk
(Pastor Newkirk served as Senior Pastor of Henderson Hills from 1992-2017)