Service Times

     9 & 10:45 am, 5 pm
     Farsi - 10:45 am, Choir Room
     Espanol - 5 pm, High School Room

     6:15 pm



1200 E I-35 Frontage Rd,
Edmond, OK 73034

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What is Doulos?

(doulos): slave, bondservant

Matthew 8:9; Mark 10:44; John 8:34; John 15:15; Romans 6:20; 1 Corinthians 7:21; Galatians 3:28; Ephesians 6:5; 1 Timothy 6:1; Philemon 16

In Greek, “doulos” literally translates to “slave” or “servant.” On several occasions, we see both Jesus and the apostle Paul reference the Christian life as a doulos life in regards to how we should live life in submission to both the heavenly authority and earthly authorities. We believe that true leadership is best practiced in the form of servant leadership. As King Jesus modeled this by serving us as He condescended to earth and died on the cross for the salvation of those who would put their faith in Him.

The Doulos Program 

The Doulos program is an intensive, summer internship program for current high school juniors and seniors who are wanting to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord, serve the ministry, and develop a missional lifestyle. The internship will focus on two key areas: servant-leadership development and spiritual development. Practically, Doulos will serve the ministry by helping plan, prepare and pull-off summer events. Doulos students will do much more than simply run errands and clean out closets. Although the doulos students will find themselves doing those types of tasks, they will also walk with our staff in such a way that will foster their spiritual relationship with the Lord. We will lead the doulos through a discipleship curriculum that will prepare and motivate them to live missionally by sharing their faith right here in Edmond, Oklahoma. Finally, we will task doulos students with some large summer projects to develop their leadership and organizational skills.

Servant-Leadership Development

Doulos students will gain experience and specific training in the area of servant-leadership. The students will be tasked to identify mission opportunities within their community, develop a strategy to meet those needs, rally fellow students to join their efforts, and lead out by serving. Students will also be given the responsibility to identify key avenues for initiating gospel conversations with others. This will take the form of students identifying a location within Edmond and becoming regular patrons of that area for the purpose of building relationships and stepping into gospel conversations.

Spiritual Development

Doulos students will walk through the book Recapturing the Wonder by Mike Dosper with our staff and college interns. Each week the Doulos students will be held to a required reading assignment and expected to engage in discussion pertaining to the book. Students will also be mentored by staff and expected to meet with their mentor at least once per week. 

For more information and application, contact Patty Barnes, 405.513.7549