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Sun   9:00 & 10:45 am
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1200 E I-35 Frontage Rd,
Edmond, OK 73034

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B.I.G. Weekend is just that… - BIG. We will join with several student ministries from all over Edmond to connect and learn what it means to follow Christ. Students spend time all together in large group sessions as well as small group time, with grade-level groupings in host homes from our church.

This year the theme of B.I.G. Weekend is Renew. Over the weekend we’ll look at the life of one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, Peter. We’ll witness the renewal of Peter’s own life as we follow the narrative of his discipleship with Christ, his encounter with the risen Christ, and his ministry of the gospel after the ascension of Christ. We hope you’ll join us at Quail Springs Baptist Church as we hear the testimony of one man’s renewed life, and see how it led to his renewed mind and renewed message.

B.I.G. Weekend: RENEW
February 22-24
Friday, 6 pm through Sunday, noon
Quail Springs Baptist Church, Edmond

  • Check-in: Wednesday, February 20th
  • 5:30-8 pm (come & go)
  • Student Area at HHBC

Cost: $50 (Registration is required)

Registration Deadline: February 10th.

For late registration information, please contact Patty at 405.513.7549

Click below for a more detailed copy of the Big Weekend Schedule.



For more information, contact Patty.

Host Home

A host family opens up their home and provides transportation (a co-host can help with this), provides a place for students to sleep, eat (you and/or a co-host will provide the food), shower, meet in their small groups, and hang out during the weekend. You will have at least one small group leader who will be in charge of the students. You will give your house rules to the small group leader and they will be in charge of enforcing them. You will usually have between 10-15 students of one grade/gender (ie...6th-grade girls, 9th-grade boys, etc...). The small group leader will usually arrive at your home on Friday, February 22nd around 5 pm. The students will start arriving around 6 pm. There will be a Host Home meeting before Big Weekend.

To Be a HOST HOME, sign up here.

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if you have questions about either of these roles, please contact Patty.


If you choose to Co-Host, you will assist a Host Home with meals, carpooling the students to events they need to get to, and just general support.
If you would like to serve in this way, sign up here.

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if you have questions about either of these roles, please contact Patty.

Small Group Leaders

A small group leader hangs out with a group of students for the weekend, gets to know them, and discusses what they have learned from the sessions, using provided discussion guides. You will stay in host homes with your students. Small group leaders are usually in college or early 20s. We will need around 90 small group leaders for this event.
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if you have questions please contact Patty.

Network Church Registration

This is the link for Network Churches to register their groups.