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“Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.” Romans 12:13

As always it is our heart to equip and challenge church members to LIVE SENT lives, as they live out the mission of God, in obedience to the call he has placed on our lives as believers! We want to continually create a culture where, through the work of the Holy Spirit and by God’s grace, people feel empowered to pursue, share, and demonstrate the Gospel in every area of their lives by consistently and persistently pointing people towards Jesus for God’s glory.

In Romans 12:13 we are implored to seek to show hospitality. Hospitality requires a desire for a relationship. When we practice hospitality, we emulate the love of Jesus and honor God by serving others, both believers and non-believers. Hospitality is about investing in other people’s lives and developing relationships that allow us to discover their greatest needs. Biblical hospitality is a great way to begin relationships that can soften someone’s heart toward the gospel, and many people are more receptive to these kinds of things this time of year. We want to give you several opportunities to practice strategic Biblical hospitality throughout “Community Christmas” as we love, serve and share with our community, our neighbors, and people around the world.

As the LIVE SENT culture becomes more and more a part of our DNA, The Lord has led us to demonstrate his love in our community and around the world this year, by living sent in the following ways….

Hillside Kids Live Sent

Hillside Kids and The LIVE SENT Team would like to invite and encourage you and your family to share with families in crisis in Edmond and around the world. As believers, we often approach the Christmas season humbly reminded of the gift of a baby. Our lives have all been forever changed by a baby being brought into the world. Over the next month, you will see videos and hear stories of how your help can impact the lives of babies and mothers in particular locally and globally. We would be grateful if you would consider sharing what you have been given by contributing practically or financially to two special organizations that strive to care for babies and their families.

We will be collecting practical items as well as monetary contributions for the Hope Pregnancy Center and monetary contributions for the Traffina Foundation for Community Health in Nigeria to purchase Delivery Kits for childbirth that each contains 15 life-saving medical supplies for safe childbirth for mother and baby.

The Hope Pregnancy Center
The Hope Pregnancy Center, a part of the Baptist Homes for Children family, has been helping support men and women facing unplanned pregnancies since 1986. The mission of Hope Pregnancy Center is to give hope, encouraging the choice of life. As part of that mission, a few of the things they offer are no-cost ultrasounds, accurate education, and Empowered Parenting classes. Through Empowered Parenting classes, parents can earn cribs, car seats, and other baby items. We want to come alongside the Edmond Hope Pregnancy Center as they continue to share the gospel in this way. This holiday season, we want to contribute to their Baby Boutique. Some of their needs include bouncy seats, diapers, crib sheets, wipes, and sample-size toiletries for moms and babies.

The Traffina Foundation for Community Health was founded by one of our dear sisters who participates in Friendship International 10 years ago. Their mission is to provide access to quality maternal and child healthcare services to increase the chances of surviving childbirth for both mother and child. We want to help them provide women with Delivery Kits that contain 15 life-saving medical supplies for normal childbirth. Women in their country are required to provide their own birthing supplies in clinics and hospitals or they will be turned away.

You can drop off donations in The LIVE SENT area as well as in HILLSIDE KIDS by ELEVATORS. Financial contributions can be made online or dropped off at the church offices. Please mark your contribution to families in crisis. If you would like your contribution to go directly to the Hope Pregnancy Center, please indicate that on your check, and likewise for the Traffina Foundation for Community Health Delivery Kits.

Click below to give specifically to The Hope Pregnancy Center and The Traffina Foundation.


Gift Card Giving...

Our church is hosting the Arise Ministries’ “Jingle Jangle” Christmas event on Friday, November 22nd. We are grateful for the opportunity to bless single moms in the challenging role they hold. We are excited to help single moms give their children a special Christmas by sharing a gift card to help purchase presents or meet other needs.

The Farsi Church is hosting a Christmas party to celebrate Jesus’ birth and to reach out to new people on December 13th. Each family will receive a gift card as well.

HHBC en Espanol will host a Christmas party in conjunction with their weekend service on December 15th. This is an awesome opportunity to reach out to the Hispanic community and many of the neighborhoods we have connected with over the last several years. Each family there will receive a gift card to help them this Christmas season. How can you participate?

We would like to challenge you to ask the Lord to give you the courage to connect with and care for your neighbors and to practice biblical hospitality with them all while meeting needs that become evident to you through building relationships. It is our prayer that these connections would open the door to a gospel conversation or at least to an invitation to our Christmas Eve service (at 3, 4:30 and 6 pm).

We would encourage you to ask the Lord how He wants you to give financially to help fund these gifts through our church. You can give online at www.hhbc.com/give, designating it by using the “Community Christmas” pull-down tab; or, if you prefer to give by check or cash, just write “Community Christmas” in the memo line or on the envelope and drop it in an offering plate, by the church office or in the mailbox located in the LIVE SENT area in the lobby. You can also purchase and donate Wal-Mart gift cards in $25 or $50 increments and drop them off at the church offices or in the mailbox.

Click here to Give financially toward Gift Cards.


Additionally, please consider how you can serve and love on our community and your neighbors in practical ways as a family, alongside friends or with your Community Group. You never need our permission to love those around you, and it does not take an event for you to do so. Pull out your “Live Sent” box to get tangible action steps to connect with and love your neighbors; check out my second hospitality sermon from a few months ago for more ideas; or feel free to talk to church leadership about fresh ways to live sent. Ministry is not just about bringing people to us; it’s also about us going to them! So, you are sent, church! Thank you in advance for what God will do through your generosity and courage.


For more information, contact Emily.