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That Thing You Do YouVersion

Current Sermon Series

That thing you do with dunking people under the water, what is that? That thing you do with the cracker and the juice, what does that mean? That guy talking up there for so long, why do you do that?

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do in our worship services? Maybe you are new to church, and you are confused by some of what you see. Or maybe you have been in church for a long time, but you never really understood why we
do certain things. Or maybe it will be good just to get a refresher course. This weekend sermon series will try to answer these and more questions to help us gain a better hold on those things we do as we gather together for worship.

January 12/13 - Overview

January 19/20 - Prayer

January 26/27 - Preaching

February 2/3 - Giving

February 9/10 - Lord's Supper

February 16/17 - Baptism

February 23/24 - Worship/Singing

March 2/3 - People Involvement

March 9/10 - Recap