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New Here?

New Here?

Women's Fall Bible Studies 2022 


Precept: Zechariah

Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm  |  In Person or on Zoom
Begins August 29  |  12 Weeks  |  Cost $20

What will happen on the day when the Lord is King over all the earth? There is a future time of restoration coming for the righteous. Are you ready for that day?


Called to be a Keeper

Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 am  |  Begins September 14  |  10 Weeks  |  Cost $25

The Called to be a Keeper Bible study seeks to encourage women of all ages and stages of life to see the value of their roles in light of God’s Word. The study teaches them to live out their priorities while carrying out their calling as found in Titus 2:3-5 and Proverbs 31:10-31. This Bible study will teach, encourage, and minister to women while helping them find joy and contentment in God’s call on their life as a Keeper.


The Gospel on the Ground by Kristi McLelland

Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 am  |  Begins September 14  |  7 Weeks  |  Cost $25

Come along with biblical culturalist Kristi McLelland as she unpacks the life of the early church in the book of Acts and shows us that the Kingdom of God is always on the move, always looking outward to bring meaning and joy to a world searching for true fulfillment and hope. Explore the call of Jesus to His disciples then and to us today. 


Hope in a Broken World: A Study of Ecclesiastes

Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 am  |  Begins September 14  |  10 Weeks  |  Cost $5

The book of Proverbs equips the believer with general wisdom, but the book of Ecclesiastes addresses the realities of life that can’t be generalized or formulaic. This book of the Bible may seem laborious or a drudgery when it laments, “Meaningless, meaningless!” but the book will help a woman of God understand that she can live a life of great meaning for the Kingdom of God in this broken, sinful world. In this class we will spend 10 weeks deep diving into the text to understand all the author is trying to communicate to the people then and to us as a people now. The class will contain weekly homework, discussion groups, and teaching.


UNVEILED: Bringing Revelation to Light
by Jody Hendley

Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 am  |  Begins September 14  |  10 Weeks  |  Cost $5

Just as God’s Story begins with Genesis, the Book of Revelation tells how His story will end! It is perhaps the most overlooked book of the Bible and yet Revelation is the only book of the Bible that promises a special blessing to those who read and heed it. Within these pages, the apostle John sees the exalted Christ in Heaven, hears Christ’s words to the churches, and witnesses the unveiling of future earthly events that must take place before Christ’s return to establish His Kingdom on earth. Join us for a study of this fascinating prophecy and be encouraged…many blessings await you!


Beyond Getting to Know You

Wednesdays 6:15-7:45 pm  |  Begins September 21  |  6 Weeks  |  Cost $5

Do you find yourself longing for Christ-centered friendships that are more than surface-level? Join us for “Beyond Getting to Know You” where we will study the friendship between two heroines of the Bible, while learning vital relationship-building skills such as empathy, vulnerability, and boundary-setting. Over this 6-week course, we will use in-class Bible study, discussion, and reflection to learn how we can go from being stuck in the acquaintance zone to building friendships that are deeper and more fulfilling. 


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