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Community Group Leader Certification

Becoming a certified Community Group Leader is about equipping yourself with the tools necessary to fulfill your role in the CG Leadership Team and competently lead your Community Group. While the training may be brief, its impact is profound. By pursuing Community Group Leadership Certification, you demonstrate your commitment to fostering cohesion and unity within your team. This certification ensures that all members are aligned not only philosophically but also methodologically, creating a unified approach towards achieving the Five Purposes of the Community Group. Moreover, the training and support resources provided not only enhance your leadership abilities but also empower you to navigate challenges and conflicts, ultimately leading to a flourishing Community Group. So, take the step towards certification and unlock your full potential as a leader in fostering community growth and connection.

  1. Watch the “Vision Casting” video. You can also follow along with the corresponding training booklet.
  2. Next, watch the video (1-15 minutes) that corresponds with your role in the CG Leadership Team.
  3. Complete the Recognizing and Reporting safety training.
  4. Lastly, complete the brief Leader Certification form.
  • In addition to the above, please click HERE to complete Recognizing & Reporting safety training.
  • Click HERE to complete the Leader Certification form.

Community Group Leader Training


For questions contact Jackson Cook.