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God's Power & Protection - Emily Ericksen

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In July of 2016, I faced the very thing I had dreaded my whole career. In my work as a traveling forklift technician, I was compelled to pray a specific prayer: that I would not be paralyzed. I had no reason to think this could happen, but still, for years I whispered this prayer. On an ordinary day, doing an ordinary job, the unimaginable happened- the forklift truck fell on me and my back bore the weight of thousands of pounds. 

Those who witnessed the accident were sure I had died- but I did not. The medical professionals attending to me were sure I’d never walk again- but I did. 

At that moment, my first thought was that my husband Leif would have to raise our children alone. I didn’t think of money or possessions that I’d been working so hard to attain. But I soon realized that I would not die, and my only response was to praise the Lord. 

I laid in a hospital bed with my husband by my side. X-rays were grim and showed what was surely a severed spine. A doctor came in and touched my foot. He was shocked to see that I not only felt his hand, but then wiggled my toes and foot! There was no medical explanation for why I wasn’t paralyzed. I was confident though: The Lord saved me. He spared my life. Not only that, He let me walk again.

Later I underwent an extensive surgery. A cadaver bone was placed, along with 15 screws and two eight-inch rods. My connective tissue was ripped to shreds. I had internal bleeding and received blood transfusions. After surgery, I was ready to walk. The medical team urged me not to go too fast, but they were soon taken back by my ability to take steps!

The journey had just begun. I spent months in a hospital and then in a nursing home. I was eager to walk! I was confident I would. I insisted that my physical therapist push me harder. 

By December of 2017, I was not only standing, but walking. Today I have no pain in my back. It’s amazing. I was happy to accept living with permanent pain, I wasn’t going to complain. But because of the power of God, and His grace and mercy on my life, I not only walk but live with no pain in my back! Praise be to God!