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Something Clicked - Steve Poulos


My name is Steve Poulos and this is my story.

"I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah as the middle child. We had little to no spiritual guidance growing up and found ourselves in church two or three times a year. As a young man, I found myself focusing on building my business and totally neglected my spiritual health…Then started a family, again neglecting my obligation as the family spiritual leader. My wife nagged me for a few decades to become the spiritual leader and I halfheartedly tried. I always felt that I was a Christian and that was enough. My wife began to make me wonder, question, and created doubt about my own belief and encouraged us to seek a church family to help us in our journey.

A while back we wandered into Henderson Hills and something clicked, something awakened deep within me. Even though I had read the New Testament several times in my life, it all began to make sense when I read the GOSPELS and realized the eye witness testimony of these disciples. Understanding began to follow, repentance happened, and a renewed belief in salvation and the sacrifice of Jesus on my behalf actually came front and center and I realized that, try as I may, to have complete control of my life, it was God’s will that I turn that over to Christ and recognize that He alone has control of not just my life and soul, but everything I see and don’t see. He is my Lord and I am now surrendured to Him."