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God's Power & Protection - Emily Ericksen

EmilyEricksen web

I faced the very thing I had dreaded my whole career and was compelled to pray a very specific prayer....

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Something Clicked - Steve Poulos


As a young man, I found myself focusing on building my business and totally neglected my spiritual health…then started a family, again neglecting my obligation as the family spiritual leader. My wife nagged me for a few decades to become the spiritual leader and I halfheartedly tried. I always felt that I was a Christian and that was enough....

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Worshipping the True Christ - Juana Moreno


It was when I moved to the United States that I got to know the true gospel of Jesus Christ, something very different from what I knew in the Catholic religion who taught me to worship images of God, a crucified Christ, and the Virgin Mary. ...

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Made New - Alese Walker


Before I gave my life over to the Lord, I was living very much in the world. I felt alone and unworthy. I had lustful thoughts, engaged in new age activities such as crystals and sage, and was going out on the weekends abusing substances. I knew it was wrong, but I still did it. I was trying to fill the void with all of these things, but after I would still feel the same o...

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God's Perfect Plan - Will Gattenby


After the campaign, I moved home to Oklahoma, bringing a pregnant girlfriend, a fragile faith, and an expectation of judgment for both. I didn’t know what the future would hold for me, and I was scared. ...

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Going Through the Motions - Hannah Yoon


I've always grown up in church and considered myself a Chrsitian. However, I only went through the motions. I would go to church once a week, never pray, and not read my Bible. I had no relationship with God and the only things I knew about Him were things others told me, not my personal relationship with the Lord......

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Secure in Jesus Christ - Ezekiel Foster


I did my best to hide my struggles and put on a fake picture of myself, but deep down, I was miserable and couldn’t escape....

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Hope & Healing - Ashley Taylor


In my loneliest season and the darkest year for our family I finally came to the end of myself and turned to God’s Word for help...

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Relentlessly Pursued - Lisa Lesley


March 28, 2001, my world was rocked when I was involved in a terrible car accident. I broke my neck in three places and had to wear a halo for two months. I was 20 years old. Oh, how I wish I could tell you that was my moment of awakening, but it was not. ...

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Only God Satisfies - Jimmy Quinn


The story of how God called me into a relationship with Him is a miraculous story. As you read this, you may think it’s not miraculous, but any life transformed by God is a miracle....

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