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Going Through the Motions - Hannah Yoon


My name is Hannah Yoon and this is my testimony...

"I've always grown up in church and considered myself a Christian. However, I only went through the motions. I would go to church once a week, never pray, and not read my Bible. I had no relationship with God and the only things I knew about Him were things others told me, not my personal relationship with the Lord.

A few years ago I came to Henderson Hills. I saw how everyone believed in God and how they had big faith. They encouraged me, so I began reading the Bible. The Bible helped me learn so many new and inspirational things that guided me towards God. A month goes by and I went to Student Camp. On the last day I had this strong feeling from God that I needed to get baptized in order to proclaim my faith. However, I felt anxious the entire day because I thought I was too old to be baptized, I wasn’t perfect enough for God, and I thought I didn’t have an amazing testimony like others.

I sat down in small group that day at camp and my leader begins talking about baptism and testimonies which wasn’t even part of the lesson! At that moment I realized that there is no such thing as a perfect testimony because being a Christian is about walking with Christ. I am a sinner and need Jesus because I am broken and dead without Him. He died on the cross in order to reconcile His relationship with us. There is no embarrassment in being baptized because I am a child of God!"