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From Hopelessness to Thanksgiving - Psalm 13


We often find ourselves gripped by life and the feeling of hopelessness. We struggle with the fear of no answers....

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Psalm 49


The certainty of death changes the meaning of life. Psalm 49, in its proverbial wisdom, tells us that the rich have a false sense of security and perception of invincibility, but this psalm says: not so fast. There is a time limit on their power and influence, and it will fade away. This psalm is a needed reminder that our power and life on this earth are temporary....

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We serve a God who desires the full attention of our soul, heart, and mind. Our souls long for the presence and refuge of our Creator. God has given us ways to experience His nearness through prayer and fasting....

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Luke 22 - A Masterpiece of Love


Luke 22 contains moments of darkness, mystery, service, loneliness, violence, and compassion. However, the entire picture is a masterpiece of love....

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Psalm 48


Our life-giving shelter is not outside of God. We will never find refuge and protection in this world, our idols, or ourselves that indeed cause us to offer holy praises in celebration. We are meant to dwell within the fortress of God, and there we will find all that we need....

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Behold: The Self-Control of Jesus


In the raucous classroom of life, Jesus stayed on task. He kept His focus. He remembered His mission. And He did this so that He could teach us to do the same and help us as an advocate when we fail....

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Behold: The Goodness of Jesus


Believers and unbelievers alike need to hear and see that our God not only provides good things, but He is goodness itself....

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Behold: The Peace of Jesus


Biblical peace is more than just striving for the absence of conflict; it is taking action to restore true brokenness. The peace modeled by our Savior is more than a state of inner tranquility; it is a state of perfect wholeness and complete trust in God....

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Living it Out! - Reimagined Generosity


How would it feel not to have to worry about food, or shelter, or finances because a kind host has given you all you need? Our God is such a host....

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Living it Out! - Intentional Disciple-Making


Many believers move through the Christian life stagnant in their disciple-making as they have never been discipled themselves. We must uncover and address our hidden hearts, sins and struggles by opening ourselves to the Lord and the disciple-making process....

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